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SouthPark: The Fractured but Whole, an RPG (role-playing game) was developed by the Bay Area-based Ubisoft San Francisco. The South Park Digital Studios collaborated with Ubisoft and published the game. It is based on South Park, an American adult animated series and viewed from a two and a half dimensional, third-person perspective. The game is the sequel to SouthPark: The Stick of Truth, released in 2014.


In the game, the player takes control of the New Kid while they are exploring fictional South Park Colorado town. In the town, the player-character can be moved freely. A fast-travel system enables the player to move the character between unlocked travel points.


The player can choose one of the ten available archetypal superhero player-characters. They include the healing Plantmancer; the gadget-using Gadgeteer; the stealthy Assassin; the long-range and status effecting Psychic; the high-damage and swift Martial Artist; the offence-attracting Cyborg; the weather-based Elementalist; the long-range and moderate damage Blaster; the short-range and high damage Brutalist; and the nimble Speedster. At first, there are only three available choices: Brutalis, Speedster and Blaster. The New Kid can access all the ten classes eventually, matching powers from the classes that are available. For instance, the player is capable of using the Martial Artist’s kicks, the Assassin’s knives and the Blaster’s fire blasts. The player can assign a total of four powers from these classes, one ultimate attack and three regular attacks. The player can only use ultimate attacks after the ultimate bar is filled. This is a pool of points that are shared accordingly between the New Kid and the allies. The points increase when the player completes timed button presses during defending and attacking phases.


Throughout the video game, the player can choose a maximum of three allies from the twelve characters. They will accompany them in battle. All the allies possess an ultimate attack and three powers.


The game is set in a fictional town, South Park, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The events of the game take place in one day after the ones of its precursor. The children leave their fantasy RPG to become superheroes; they form a superhero media franchise. They couldn’t agree on who was to get a Netflix or movie series, so the characters had to separate into two rival factions: Freedom Pals and Coon and Friends. They compete to create their franchise first.