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Spiritfarer is an adventure, Indie, Stimulation game developed and published by the Thunder Lotus Games. It is a cozy management game revolving around death. The players can play as Stella, a deceased ferry master, a Spiritfarer.

Gamers are tasked with constructing a boat which they will use to explore the world around them. Additionally, they are supposed to make friends and care for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife. Great adventures await gamers including farming, mining, fishing, harvesting, cooking, and crafting along their journey across the mystical seas.

Join the journey as daffodil the cat, in a two-player mode, and spend quality time relaxing with your spirit passengers, bonding and creating lasting memories, and finally learn how to bid goodbye to your cherished spirit friends.

Game features.
• Gamers get to enjoy amazing hand-drawn art and animation
• Players can build, control and improve their own ferry
• There are endless activities along the great journey, for instance, farming, cooking, harvesting, mining, fishing, and weaving.
• Players are able to perform many stunts, for example, running, jumping, and gliding through beautifully constructed platforming levels
• Gamers get the experience to explore a fantastic and imaginative world.
• You get the chance to experience moving, emotional stories full of unforgettable moments
• Play as the cat, Daffodil, in an optional local coop.

The best thing about the game.
1. Clean Artstyle. Spiritfarer is a quite peaceful game. Its developer used simple lines and somehow plain colors to express the idea in presenting the fantastic journey into the clear, vast afterworld. It is smooth and very ethereal.

2. Amazing characters. This is probably the very outstanding element in the game. The characters are well polished, unique, and lovable. This creates the feeling of one big family between the characters and the player. From a blasé but caring big sister, cheerful and resourceful uncle toad, and a wise vegan snake grandmother to a wonderfully cute and open minded little mushroom little brother. All these characters have great personalities and their specialty would aid a player with necessary upgrade materials in the game.

Spiritfarer can be summed as a mini-game series. In building management, when more passengers aboard, the player has to maximize the vessel size and channel inner artistic integrity to bring out a comfortable and wonderful experience for all members on board. It is indeed a beautiful game and is more fun playing with a friend, both local or via steam remote play.

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