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About Surviving Mars Xbox One

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Surviving Mars is a strategy-based city builder about colonizing Mars and surviving the process, developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive. In order to successfully establish the first ever human colony on Mars, you must choose a space agency for resources and financial support, determine the location for your settlement, build your infrastructure, and research ways to expand, improve and survive. This retro-futuristic game is full of challenges to overcome and mysteries to solve, all while working tirelessly to ensure the continuation of your colony. Cultivate food, mine minerals, achieve scientific breakthroughs and do everything in your power to keep your colonists happy and, most importantly, alive.

Explore this new world, unlock its mysteries, and make Mars your new home.

Build a sustainable colony in space:

Building on a planet that cannot naturally sustain human life is an extremely complicated process. You must therefore plan ahead to make sure that you can provide a consistent supply of oxygen, energy, food and other essential resources to maintain a functioning colony.

Individually simulated colonists:

Each colonist is completely unique, with their own needs and strengths, and their behavior can influence the actions of other colonists. Overwork your colonists and you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

Create your own neighborhood personality:

Your community of retro-futuristic super structures can be whatever you want it to be. Create a rich, luxurious utopia, a society that values science and research, or a city of manual laborers who devote all of their energy to expansion of the colony. Design your colony in line with your survival strategy, and if it fails, try something else next time.

Explore the secrets of Mars:

Inspired by the classic sci-fi works of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, Surviving Mars holds many secrets. Discovering one of these secrets might mean joy or despair for your colony, and each playthrough could unlock something new.

Expansive mod support:

Create your own buildings, parks or even mysteries to share with the community through Surviving Mars’ extensive modding tools, allowing you to build the ultimate colony.