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About Syberia 3 Xbox One

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Syberia 3 is the next installment in the Syberia series, and is an adventure game featuring puzzles which was developed and published by Microids.

The game offers a three dimensional universe for you to explore, delivering a story rich single player experience. Complete real time mysteries and solve three dimensional puzzles in order to progress and further develop the story.

New for the Syberia Series

For the first time in the Syberia series the game is fully rendered in three dimensions, including puzzles. The game features an original score by Inon Zur, better known for producing the music for the original Fallout and Dragon Age, as well as Prince of Persia. Benoit Sokal, the author and creator of the game, has delivered exceptional story telling which is made all the more real by his distinct art direction.

Syberia 3 features a brand new tale, separate from the first two Syberia games, meaning you can fully enjoy this game without having played the first two. The game focuses on Kate Walker, a lawyer from New York, who in the first two games fulfilled an inventors dream and reached the legendary island of Syberia. Now, after abandoning the island, Kate is found by a tribe dying by the edge of a river. Together Kate journeys with the tribe and must find a way to overcome enemies and a variety of obstacles.

Meet a cast of interesting and memorable characters and fall in love with the Syberia universe, as created and told by Benoit Sokal.