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tacoma is a science fiction narrative adventure from the makers of Gone Home. Set on board an innovative space station in the year 2088.

Game Play

At the core of Tacoma is the office’s computerized surveillance system, which has caught 3D accounts of critical minutes in the team’s life on the station. As you investigate, echoes of these caught minutes encompass you. You’ll utilize your capacity to quick forward, rewind and travel through the physical space of these highly complex, joined scenes to inspect occasions from each edge, watch characters around the rooms or to even follow them through the station remaking the multi-layered story as you investigate. The AR device is equipped with an imaginary email system used to relay additional information to the player. The digital representations of the crew-members show their story threads that go from divergent, convergent and eventually split.


· Get to explore Tacoma station through a physical and digital perspective.· You will be able to unlock doors and draws that will lead you to significant notes, items, and physical antiques.

· Note that every feature of the the group’s involvement in is a piece worth of your investigation. The game is estimated to take around 2 to 5 hours to finish.

· How profound you burrow and how much detail you find is dependent upon the player.

· The Tacoma is a game with non-battle with no puzzles centered on its operation.

· The subtle elements of the story and game-world are there for you to find at your own pace.


Tacoma is the new game from the makers of Gone Home. It carries on that convention of immersive, definite and powerful narrating, while at the same time maneuvering players more profound into the story than ever witnessed. Investigate everything about how the station’s team lived and functioned, finding the pieces of information that indicate a holding story of put stock in, dread, and resolve even with debacle. Experience life in the year 2088. Find a rich anecdotal universe that portrays mankind’s venture into low-Earth circle and past.