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About Tank Mechanic Simulator PS4

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Tank Mechanic Simulator is a single-player simulation game that was developed by DeGenerals and published by PlayWay S.A. It is a video game that concerns the World War II fighter tanks, their troop as well as their contribution to militia history.

The player, as a tank museum keeper his or her responsibility, involves recovering damaged or forsaken tankers and refurbish them. The player is supposed to utilize the offroad automobile to find abandoned tankers. Once the final locality is established, the player ascertains the precise location of the tank with the help of unique equipment such as a metal detector. The player then sets up a digging area and recovers the tanker.

Tank Mechanic Simulator is a simple video game to learn. It consists of a tutorial system that provides the player with help and guidance by introducing them to various contracts that relate to each of the video game’s mechanics.

Tank Mechanic Simulator Game Play

When it comes to how Tank Mechanic Simulator plays, the video game is friendly as well as simple to play. The player can pick individual tanker parts through left-clicking on them, and the player pulls them out or convenes them together by pushing down right-click; however, this depends on whether the play is on either the assembly or disassembly mode. Nearly everything may be executed through a radial menu that enables the player to inspect the tank’s data, its inside, access the interior of the tank, and changeover between various seats. The player can also inspect the storage, buy new tank parts, as well as dismantle the turret mode or detach the engine with one click.

The player owns a workshop in which he or she takes contracts to refurbish tankers or to retrieve tankers that were discovered in the wilderness. By finishing such contracts, the player not only gets money rewards but as well receives prestige points. The points act as the video game’s sole progression mechanism since they are utilized in unlocking an unlimited number of upgrades, starting with additional slots to store tanks the player owns, to the latest equipment for efficient restoration of tanks or new tank parts. Besides, the player may unlock the capability to tryout tanks.

Tank Mechanic Simulator involves 14 distinct tanks, inclusive of several conventional Panzers, the soviet KV-1 and KV-2, a Sherman, as well as a StuG. Nonetheless, whereas each 14 of the tanks are unique, how the player approaches them in regards to the game-play does not vary. No matter the type of tank, the whole procedure of restoring it will at all times be either outsourcing the repair parts and paying expensively, which in most cases isn’t covered by the contract payment. Or the player doing it all on their own, which is an interesting part of the game.

Some of those tanks that will come by the player’s workshop would have encountered a lot, and many of them have been underground for years, and getting them to their functional shape is involving. To begin with, the player grinds every part to eliminate all the rust the tanks have amassed and then sandblasting the entire tank to ensure it becomes as clean as possible before progressing with the refurbishing process. After completing this, the player applies a primer coating before painting the tank using its previous color.

Recovering tanks appear to be fun as well, even if it’s momentary. To locate a close-by tank, the player has to access his/her tablet and progress to the location it recommends the tank may be situated. As soon as the player is in the area, a metal detector, a drone, or other equipment are used to pinpoint the precise area where the tank is before digging it out.

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