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The sonic Frenchies features a speeding head hog on path full of bumps and corners. Sonic is a Sega franchise which started in 2003. The game receives updates yearly because it is a favorite of those who have been playing since 2003.

Team Sonic.

Team Sonic is a 2019 game that combines sonic and racing into one. The new franchise features Sonic and the friends in a car race. Team sonic combines car racing and the ability of sonic to move in speed. Team Sonic racing is developed play Sumo digital, the team that worked on Sonic and SEGA All-Stars that featured in 2010 in 2012. Many players are looking forward season premiere of this franchise. A lot of reviews concerning the game have are around with most of them being positive. The console is available for the PS4, Nintendo and Xbox.

Online Multiplayer Options.

The game has online multiplayer options that enable you to race online. Such races will only allow twelve players to participate in a race. The game takes multiplayer racing to a new level by use of racing as teams. Users will also be able to create racing teams where they can test themselves against other teams. This brings in more fun and experience to the game and allows the players to win as a team. For better success, the users should assist their teammates for a sure win.


The user will to customize their avatars. Playing the story mode should help get various unlocks and upgrades. These will help change your appearance to you and your vehicle. Thus you will get more performance form your vehicle.

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