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About The Division 2 Warlords of New York Xbox One

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It is an action-packed video game pitting the dreaded gang in New York City. From the first game in the series, the battle of supremacy lies between the gangs operating in New York and the Division. Sit back and enjoy an action-packed game that combines both strategy and RPG themes.

Keener’s Insurgency

The Division, a section of the security apparatus, is struggling to gain control over the City. However, Aaron Keener, one of their best agent, goes rogue and has captured a section of the City. He uses it to advance to Lower Manhattan and grow his dominance. As this is going on, more agents break ranks with The Division to join Keener.

Under Keener’s leadership, the rogue agents assert their influence in the City to clear any development witnessed since the Black Friday Pandemic. Owing to the training gained during their time at the Division, the squad evade capture and causes havoc as they spread out the City.

Action and Reaction

As Keener and the company try to conquer the City, The Division plan to whittle down their influence. Their plan only has a single mission; stop Keener at all costs. The rogue agents might have the strain virus to counter the Division’s advances, but the Division has all the arsenal it needs to stop the insurgency.

Confrontation to subdue is the central focus of the game. In order to make the game more entertaining, the villain has both the muscle and mind to counter the Division’s influence. The gamer should use all the lives, ammunition and strategic advantage to win the battle.

Reviews and Reactions

The Division 2 Warlords Of New York is created by Massive Entertainment and produced by Ubisoft. Being the latest in the series, the game has received positive reviews over time. Below are some of the features deemed an improvement from the First Division game:-

  • Improved RPG system – accuracy and entertaining.
  • Improved artillery – using helicopters to shuttle between regions on the City. There are also firebomb drones, new warfare technology and gas tanks.
  • Entertaining – the shooting, exploration, looting and tactical advances surround the plot.
  • Game continuity – the cleaners and Rikers in Division 1 make a comeback in Division 2.

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