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Tom Clancy’s The division is an action video game that has been developed by massive entertainment and published by Ubisoft. It is about the aftermath of a deadly pandemic that has affected New York. During this devastating period in New York, basic service starts to fail one by one. The society enters into chaos after going for a few days without food and water. The division, unit of tactical players is activated. The tactical agents are to perform the task of investigating the outbreak, criminal activities and control the operation of the city. The player who is a special agent of the division unit is supposed to act solo to bring order and save the society.

Dynamic combat experience

The game features a destructive environment where the player can freely explore. The mission of the game is to restore order and to identify the birthplace of the virus. The player who fights the vicious enemy factions is well-armed with three weapons and explosives like seeker mines and sticky bombs. During a firefight, players are allowed to take cover behind objects to avoid damage from the enemy. Taking cover behind objects give players a tactical advantage while attacking. The character mode is visible since the game is on a third-person perspective.

Tons of activities

As the game progress, your player will earn currency and experience points known as XP. These game currencies are for buying new gear and weapons. The experience point is for learning a new set of skills and unlock new talents.

Living open world

After you have complete the campaign, you are free to explore the dark zone where you will fight enemy either alone or with three friends. The dark zone is for player verse player competition. This multiplayer mode is separate from the main mission of the game.

A challenging Gameplay

When you finish the operation you will be able to unlock a new difficulty level. And by unlocking the new levels, you will transition to another experience known as the endgame. Endgame offer you new PvE and PvP activities. It is challenging game play because the more you progress, the more you are challenged and better rewards you get. You can build a team of 4 agents and try to discover new ways of cutting through different modes. In this zone, your ranking and level may drop if your player dies too often.

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