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The Pathless is an independent video game in the action-adventure genre. It is developed by Giant Squid and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game is operated in third-person perspective single-player mode.

The Pathless invites players to control Hunter, a master of archery tasked with travelling to an island to find the solution to lifting a curse of darkness affecting the world. With the use of weapons such as bow and arrow, you must navigate through the game’s world accompanied by your faithful eagle companion and unmasking secrets and defeating giant corrupted spirits as you go. Unlike most open-world games, The Pathless does not feature a mini-map, enhancing the nature of exploration by testing a player’s ability to find their bearings on the island withs varied landscapes including snowy tundra, lush meadows, and misty forests. This is an innovative revolutionary step in the evolution of truly open-world adventure gaming.

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