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About The Station Xbox One

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The Station is a first-person science fiction game set to launch on February 20 on various mediums. A team of various veteran game developers including Kevin Hardwood, David Fracchia, Les Nelkin and Duncan Watt developed it.

About The Station

The Station involves a first-person exploration game that sets out on a space station tasked to study alien civilisation. Players play the role of recon specialist, where they are tasked with unravelling the mystery, which decides the fate of two civilisations.  An undetectable space station is sent with a crew of thee to research on the alien culture as they try to find means of a peaceful relationship. They set out to find discover the possibility of aliens having a sentient civilisation that challenges everything stated in Biology, Physics, Religion, and Chemistry. The crew couldn’t be contacted and a recon specialist, the player, is sent to check what happened.

Augmented Reality

The Station presents a world of augmented reality. Technological advancements have revolutionised notes, conversations and much more. That said, players explore what occurred on the Station’s board.

Great Problem Solving

Players are tasked with various challenges that require them to use intuitive problem-solving skills. The Station game is a puzzle that requires better problem-solving abilities to be solved. The secrets behind The Station’s onboard needs to be uncovered for a successful mission. The Station offers great beautiful perspective to various sci-fi games as well as visually enchanting experience that is mentally stimulating. Players get to experience the “next world” as they seek to understand the alien way of living.

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