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About The Technomancer PS4

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This is an action, role-playing hero game. It takes place on Mars, 200 years after men land on the planet. A war of water erupts where the protagonist, Zachariah, a rookie technomancer, flees the city of Ophir to Noctis, where he looks for a beacon to establish contact with the earth. Zachariah works with Abundance, a powerful corporation on Mars. He is on the run after being sought by the secret police.

Players choose one of the three styles of combat. They are also able to add companions to the team and level up to the next level. In the course of the game, they are also able to collect new weapons and improve their abilities and those of their companions. There are also quests in the game and players have different options to solve each quest. The decisions that players make have an impact on the ending of the game too.

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