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About The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners PS4

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The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is a first-person shooter and horror game developed by Skydance Interactive. Gamers get to face all the horrors offered by both the living and the dead in The Walking Dead universe. You get a chance to travel through the walker infested ruins of New Orleans as you scavenge, sneak, fight, and try to survive each new day.
Every day that comes by brings with it new mysteries of the city and its iconic quarters. Players will encounter lone survivors and desperate factions who can prove to be either friends or enemies. Whether you use force to get what you want or choose to help others in need, every action you take will have some consequences.

Surviving Your Way

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners gives you a whole new way of living survival horror. Constant threats are a part of the universe. They come in the form of famine, the living, diseases, and the dead. For every threat present, there are countless ways for you to try to tackle it, e.g.,
• For the undead, you can come out guns blazing or choose to learn all the ways you can use to sneak and hide in their midst.
• Get a glimpse of how each decision you make affects the residents of New Orleans as you learn to live with the consequence of all your actions.
• Tackle missions from survivors and the different factions present to earn yourself some valuable possessions
• Risk life and limb to offer protection to the needy as you brutally take out any person who stands between you and your goals.

A New Brutal Story

In The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, the city of New Orleans is actively engaged in war. Its living residents are not only fighting those who are dead, but they have also started inflicting pain and previously unseen brutality on each other.
Even as the bodies begin to pile up on all sides of the combatant parties, whispers begin to spread throughout the city of a long-lost mystery. It’s a mystery capable of turning the tides of the ongoing war.
You now have to take your chances to see whether you will survive despite being caught at the center of this war. Are you in a position to unravel the secret behind all that’s happening? The fate of the survivors as well as that of the city lies squarely in your hands.

A Big World to Explore in Virtual Reality

Freedom of choice, exploration, crafting, and primitive combat are some of the factors that make The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners a deep fifteen plus hours’ game ideal for VR. In the course of the gameplay, you will get to:
• Scale walls, cars, and the sides of buildings as you ambush your enemies from above. Alternatively, you can choose to make a quick escape from them.
• Cut down both the living and the dead using a range of makeshift and ranged weapons or any other physics-based item that you can find.
• Creep through creole mansions and ruined streets to scavenge for secrets and supplies
• Knock off the heads of the walkers and scratch out the armaments embedded in their skulls.

The Factions

Two forces go head to head as they both attempt to decide the fate of New Orleans. The first faction is The Tower, which is led by an authoritarian Mama, while the second one is the Reclaimed, commanded by a charismatic fellow called Jean-Baptiste.
The Tower wants total loyalty and for New Orleans to be governed by the rule of law, their law. Jean-Baptiste and the Reclaimed wish to live in a world free of restrictions, such as those present in the past.

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