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This game, developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, is a first-person shooter adventure game that allows you to use a variety of powerful weapons including melee weapons.

A fantasy filled adventure

Take on the chaotic adventure full of wonder, magic, and unpredictable scenes. You can shoot, cast spells or slash your enemies on your quest to defeat the Dragon Lord. Use the high-powered guns in first person and enjoy blasting land-based sharks and skeletons as you explore. Loot for weapons deep into the dungeons for a unique piece.

Gang up to defeat the enemies

Initially you will team up with Captain Valentine and robot Frette. As you draw closer to defeating the Dragon Lord, you will encounter friendly misfits, for example, the Fairy Punch father and the lute-wielding Barbarian to further strengthen your team.

Build your custom-made avatar

Make your own hero by mixing up the different classes of characters with unique abilities. Grow your hero with points, build your arsenal, and become the perfect adventurer.


You can create custom heroes with the 6 different classes of characters. To upgrade your avatar, you have to earn “hero points”. Aside from the large arsenal of weaponry, you also have a loot system enabling you to make different weapon and gear combinations. Players can summon meteors or even change their enemies to sheep by casting special magical spells. There is a feature known as the overworld which exhibits hostile combat and expeditions you have to complete in various locations, huge cities, mushroom forests and fortresses. This overworld feature allows you to teleport to the different locations in the video game.

Final thoughts

Explore the overworld to get to the Dragon Lord; create characters, gather weapons and kill or cast magic spells to defeat evil and become the ultimate adventurer.

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