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This is an intriguing adventure video game that is narrative driven. It is published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by Giant Sparrow and was released on 25th April 2017.
The game involves exploring the huge Finch house as the virtual character, living her family’s history while trying she tries to fathom why she is the last Finch in her family still alive. In each story one gets to play as each member of Edith’s family, experiencing their life on the day of their death. The stories range in time from the distant past to the present day. The tone of the stories varies with the Finches themselves.

How to earn points in the game?

You make progress by interacting with a series of shrines and memorials dedicated to the deceased family members as well as experiencing their deaths. These could be in the form of cutscenes, flip books, and minigames.

What makes the game unique?

The video game gives one the prerogative to play from a first-person perspective. what gets you hooked to the game is the magic realism and the complete variation of the lives of the Finches and their ultimate demise. Ultimately, the game varies with the player’s own interpretation of the stories and death of the Finches. Despite the alleged or rather expected weirdness of the game, there is a soft sadness and fantasy realism that is undeniably gripping. The interactivity of the game communicates an unforgettable experience.

What remains of Edith has been nominated and won several awards for categories such as best narrative and was third for the award of best adventure. It has also gained global recognition. In the end, the game makes one feel and understand what it is like to be humbled. It also brings to play the astonishingly vast unknowns around us. Well, its time to indulge in the adventure of What remains of Edith. Let the games begin.

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