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This upcoming title is making its way into the fantasy action-hunting game category. Omega Force developed this game, and EA Originals published it in collaboration with KOEI TECMO. Wild hearts will bring a new perspective to the fantasy action-hunting genre that will most definitely pull the fans.

The game will need you to craft and use ancient tech to increase your chances of winning against some of the most terrifying and powerful beasts. The game is even more challenging as the power of nature strengthens these ferocious beasts. You can enjoy the game in the single-player mode or with friends in co-op mode.

Setting and Gameplay

This game is set up in a fantasyland known as Azuma, inspired by a conflicted Japan. The area faces enormous challenges caused by the once peaceful Kemono, which now wreaks havoc on the peaceful land of Azuma. Kemono refers to several monsters that range from the not-so-powerful plant-infused squirrel to the dangerous and powerful Kingtusk wild boar.

Play by yourself or team up with friends in co-op mode to slay these beats and bring balance to Azuma. To bring balance, you must beat the winter wolf Deathstalker to gain the ancient life-sustaining tech that stops the mutation of monsters.

Thrilling Combat

The game features several combat moves, like dodging, parrying the monsters’ strikes and attacking fast. The combat system is fast-paced to beat the strengthened monsters. This is just like other games in the same category.

Enjoy With Friends in the Co-op Mode

The game launches with two game modes: single-player and co-op, where you team up with two more players to explore the vast lands of Azuma as you seek to bring balance and reverse the evolution that has brought the monsters in the conflicted land.

Conquer the Monsters and Bring Balance

Throughout the game, you face different variations of the Kemono, ranging from small critters to gargantuan behemoths the size of a house. The challenge the different monsters bring makes this game something to look forward to playing in the quest to restore balance.

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