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Anthem is a forthcoming online multiplayer action RPG (role-playing game). It is being developed by the Canadian company BioWare and Electronic Arts is the publisher. One of the game’s writers is Drew Karpyshyn.


The game is set in an environment that’s open world, and it is played from a third-person view. Players take Javelins role, a Freelancer donning entirely customizable exosuits. The suits are customized to have superhuman abilities and various unique weapons. Javelins two classes were shown during the presentation of the Anthem at Microsoft’s Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 Conference. One being the Ranger, an all-around, balanced Javelin. The other being Colossus, a bigger and more heavily armoured Javelin that is made to fill in a tanking role. Anthem features the elements of both co-operative multiplayer and single-player in a “shared-world” capable of having a maximum of four squad members in each team. Teams can fight ruthless marauders and savage beasts while they explore lost ruins and experience massive, world-altering terrain events, like “Shaper Storms”. The players are committed to making sure Fort Tarsis is safe. They explore the unknown protecting humanity. Players use the Javelin series mech suits and band together. They traverse the world and discover hidden mysteries plus unforeseen dangers.

Release and Marketing

BioWare Edmonton teased the Anthem at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014. It was teased on 10 June 2017, during the press conference of EA’s EA Play pre-E3. Gameplay was shown for the first time at the Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and the following day it ran on Xbox One. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, when Anthem was announced, the release date was supposed to be Q4 2018, but it was pushed back in Jan 2018 to the beginning of 2019, in part of making space with the release by EA for another Battlefield title to be released in late 2018. According to the vice president of EA, Patrick Söderlund, BioWare is planning on supporting the game with new updates and content long after the official release of the game, and that its launch is going to be the beginning of probably a ten-year journey for BioWare.