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Battlefield 5, released by DICE, is an action and adventure game that is set in World War II. With a huge open world to explore and a large collection of modes to choose from, the game promises to be explosive fun that allows teams of players to pit their wits against other gamers in the very competitive and highly charged online mode, while solo players are also invited to join in the fun.

Task Time

In addition to trying to take out the bad guys, players are charged with a number of different tasks to make sure that they stay alive long enough to take part in the fast paced and furious fight scenes. As players are dropped in an unknown territory with little more than the clothes that they are wearing and their weapon, it is necessary to search for food in order to stay alive. Building a shelter is another side task that helps to add plenty of diversity to the game.

Joining the Battle

People who are familiar with the Battlefield series will notice that there are a few variations to the game play this time around. Rather than simply blasting their way to glory and covering the terrain with guts, there is a lot more emphasis on strategy in this instalment. This helps to break up the action and provide players with more to do in the game, although many players are likely to feel that some tasks are much more engaging than others and it feels at times like the game drags a little.

Fire in the Hole

However, when the battle scenes do arrive they are sure to satisfy. The large selection of weapons that players are provided with means that there is certainly no shortage of firepower. As always with games from DICE the graphics are simply stunning and help to draw players into the game, while World War II provides the perfect backdrop for the action and there is a satisfying retro feel that is supplied with plenty of attention to detail. Despite its slight deviation from the standard theme, Battlefield 5 is sure to satisfy both diehard fans and those who are new to the saga.