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FIFA 19 is a forthcoming simulation game developed by EA Romania and EA Vancouver, as part of the EA’s (Electronic Arts) FIFA Football series. Announced June 9, 2018 for its Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 press conference, it’ll be released on Sep 28, 2018 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch port will get upgrades over FIFA 18.


The game features a Union of European Football Associations licence, following its licence expiration with Pro Evolution Soccer and Konami. That includes the addition of UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League competitions to the video game, with support for relegation and promotion between Europa League and Champions League.


After nearly ten years of jockeying, EA Sports managed to secure the rights to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League. The cherished competition will be integrated carefully throughout FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 will not just add the trophy of Champions League to its cabinet, it will instead re-turf the entire pitch to make sure the tournament is thoughtfully woven throughout the game. From Journey to Ultimate Team, the Champions League is going to be FIFA 19 front and centre.

Aaron McHardy, the executive producer, explained stating that it has been among the most requested features by players for more than ten years, and for them, the Champions League is much more than just a licence. He continued saying that they have been working hard to integrate the experience throughout the game in this year’s edition.

They did not want to only bring into the game the licence teams so that players could start playing with the teams in the right context, but they wanted to ensure they have gone over and beyond and added the elements of Champions League to every place they could in FIFA 19.

McHardy said that it was a lot of work; it is not simply a coat of paint. It was really integrating features that are meaningful around the Champions League. They had to move lots of dirt to bring it to life.

Cover Star

With confirmation that FIFA 19 is going to have Champions League football, it is only fitting the fact that EA Sports has secured the return of the Portuguese professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, as the cover star of the game. Cristiano is gracing the front cover for the second year in a row. The star, who plays for Real Madrid, donned the edition of last year. He’ll also be joined by Neymar, the Brazilian star, on the FIFA 19 edition.

The Cost of FIFA 19

The new release costs almost the same as last year’s edition, with prices starting from about £49.99 for the standard edition in all the platforms. As for the special editions, they’ll cost between £80 and £90. In 2018, the Icon Edition allowed players who spent 89.99 pounds to play the title 3 days earlier than others. Players who pay extra on special editions often get extra FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) player packs to reinforce their new team on popular game mode.


The Journey

We’ll see the return of the popular mode called The Journey. This mode will make its third appearance in succession. However, it’s expected to be the last instalment in the odyssey of Alex Hunter.

50/50 Battles

It’s a system that determines the probability of a player winning or losing balls.

Timed Finishing

The player can press the kick button a second time and determine the exact time the ball is kicked.

Dynamic Weather

It isn’t concrete yet, but this feature could make an appearance in this edition. The introduction of conditions that are ever-changing could change the momentum of matches, with elements such as snow and rain likely to cause players to start making mistakes and end up picking up injuries. In hot, humid weather, players can tire more easily, while in windy weather, they’ll see their passing accuracy and speed suffer.

Dynamic Tactics

Players can configure strategies as well as switch between these strategies real-time while the match is going on.

Active Touch System

The overhaul of player control. It’ll change the way players will be receiving and striking the ball.

In terms of tactical customisation and through balls, the latter took a leaf out of Pro Evolution Soccer’s book. Gone are the days of D-Pad tactics, which have been replaced with the new control scheme that allows players to customise all levels of mentality (from ultra-defending to ultra-attacking) with the tactical nous of a Guardiola.

FIFA 19 Trailer

FIFA fans can get a glance at the FIFA 19 trailer. It highlights an opening narration by Christiano as he details his high hopes of becoming a football champion, following him on the journey to his third Champions League trophy in a row.

Also, fans get to enjoy the FIFA rendering of Christiano classic overhead kick that was fired against Juventus Football Club in the 2018 Champions League’s quarter-final. Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain star, also makes an appearance plus Paulo Dybala of Juventus as well as several Manchester City stars.

FIFA 19 on Switch

In 2018, when FIFA 18 launched on Switch, one of the biggest complaints was revolving around the state of the game’s online play. Electronic Arts for reasons unknown chose to only render random matchmaking for the online games. Players did not have the option of playing with their buddies over the internet.

However, this time around, EA has stated that Switch owners will be capable of inviting anyone they like from the friend list to join them and play Online Friendlies, allowing players to start tracking your rivalry through a 5-match season in FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA.

FIFA 19 on Switch will include an all-new standalone Champions League mode plus Ultimate Team and Career mode. Also, it brings improved player models as well as animations. Switch owners will be able to battle their friends online when FIFA 19 launches.