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The Coronavirus pandemic resulted in delays in releasing FIFA 21. The FIFA 21 game is now confirmed, and there is a lot that you need to know. The game comes with new features that may not be ideal for the Next-Gen hardware. It includes new rosters and team kits, thanks to the wonderful works done by the publishers. EA Sports boffins are the publishers of this game, and they have worked hard to produce finer details of the game. FIFA 2021 is now available at a price cheaper than the normal. If you are a member of the FIFA community, you will love this work. In this “Seasons Update,” you will get to know all about FIFA 21. Read along!

What is special About the Game?

The game is a modification of the previous versions. It boasts the below unique features:

● Faster Load Times – the faster load times of FIFA 21 allow you to get into the game faster than before. To strike a win, be sure that you never lose your focus. The stadium environments tend to load speedily, and this gets you to the kick-off in a matter of seconds.
● Deferred rendering and lighting – you can now enjoy the authentic environmental backgrounds that are unlocked. You will unlock them by the newly designed lighting system, thus creating an excellent football experience. You will have a player’s fidelity to enhance your experience in the stadium.
● Re-imagined player bodies – the advancement in technology has allowed the publishers to create an in-depth design of the player’s physique. Powerful lighting is placed on their faces, kits, hair, and even uniforms. These take the athletes to another level of realism.
● The Player Movements are Stats-driven – You will experience real-life data feeds into the FIFA 21 animated game. You will get statistics on the player movement when they change directions and accelerate and run their routes. The advanced technology in FIFA 21 gives you a realistic and ultra-responsive player movement.
● Off-ball Humanization – The player humanization can now unlock every authentic player’s character even those you have seen in real sports videos. With this, you will be able to feel the emotions of the game being poured out. These include adjusting the shin pads and joyful screams in the endzone.
● Fantastic gameday immersion – You can only get a feel of the winner’s explosive passion when you see the fan reactions of other players and congregation. This anticipated game brings you a fantastic gameday immersion to give you a lovely matchday experience. With this feature, you will be deeply immersed in the sounds and sights of a professional football game.

Release Date

FIFA 21 is expected to launch globally on 9th October 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. On ordering the FIFA 21 Champions Edition or the Ultimate Edition, you will have the opportunity to play the game from 6th October. The Origin Access (PC), EA Access (Xbox One, PS4), and Play-First Trials will begin on 1st October. There is a lot that you need to know regarding FIFA 21 on PS 4, PC, and Xbox One over summer. You can, therefore, be tuned to @EASPORTSFIFA on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to be updated with the latest trailers and news regarding the game.


FIFA 21 is compatible with Xbox Series X and PS 5. These two platforms will feature the game’s digital version. However, you can still download the game after its launch. If you are planning to purchase a physical copy of this FIFA, you will need a disc to insert into your Xbox Series X or PS 5 to be able to launch it on those consoles.


Here is the good news: you can now pre-order FIFA 21 on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 and get to enjoy the benefits attached in doing so. Generally, FIFA 21 on PS 5 comes bundled up with the PS 4 version. On the other hand, FIFA 21 Xbox One comes bundled up with Xbox Series X. This means that when you pre-order the game on PS 4, you will also get it on PS 5. Additionally, pre-ordering it on Xbox One allows you to access the game on Xbox Series X.

Dual Entitlement in FIFA 21

Dual Entitlement allows you to upgrade your copy of the game on PS 4 to PS 5. The upgrade is also possible from Xbox One to Xbox Series X. You can claim a dual entitlement offer that lets you make the copy upgrade at no additional cost until the game is released. If you neither have PS 4 or Xbox One but have a diskless console, you will need a digital entitlement to carry out the upgrade.

FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch?

The Legacy Edition of FIFA 21 includes squad updates and latest kits. You should expect an updated presentation in the upcoming season, and these include broadcast overlays and in-game menus. However, the game does not feature new game modes.

Carrying Over Your Progress

You don’t have to worry whether your progress on PS 4 and Xbox One will be carried over to PS 5 and Xbox Series X. All the content that you acquired in FIFA 21 and any progress that you made there will be transferred from PS 4 to PS5 and Xbox One Xbox Series X, and back. These include players, coins, items, match record, FIFA Points, and leaderboard placement. The progress in other modes like Co-Op Seasons, Online Seasons, Pro Clubs, Career Mode, Pro and many more will depend on the console that you are using. It is worth noting that you will not be able to transfer your progress between different consoles.


Although the football calendar has been tampered with, this does not mean that football fanatics should give up their passions. To whet your appetite for FIFA 21, you will be receiving constant communication regarding the release date and the new features that the game boasts.

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