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Released in March 2012, Mass Effect 3 is a sci-fi, role-playing, action video game that was developed by Biowareand published by Electronic Arts. It is based on a team headed by Commander Shepherd whose aim is to save Earth from the Reapers. The game can be played on Play Station 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It was the last game of the Mass Effect Games series.

Creating a Profile

A new player needs to create a profile from the available six players. Each character has a unique set of abilities and prowess over the other. For example, the Soldier class is excellent with weapons while the Adept Class has unique mental powers. If you previously played Mass Effect 2, you can import your saved game character into Mass Effect 3.

Single Player

As a single player, you are in charge of coming up with the name of the commander, appearance, combat training, gender and military background. To get to the next of games and upgrade weapons, the player has to finish the current game.
The player is transported throughout the galaxy with a ship called Normandy SR2. While on the ship, the player can monitor the planets, find resources and start missions with his/her squadmates.


For players to compete in a multiplayer game, they have to be online and must create new characters to fight because there is no option of using the single player character in the multiplayer. The Galaxy At War mode allows three players to compete against each other by competing in different missions. The missions involve attacking the enemy and taking their strongholds.
Players can also compete with four different players; the Retaliation, Cerberus, Reapers or Geth. The fighting takes place in various difficulties; Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Just like the single-player mode, the games unlock after you complete the current challenges. To get new equipment, you need to use your kits which are bought using game credits and money.

Unique combat features

The player can sprint, roll or climb ladders to escape an attack from the enemy. Immediate melee kills, grenades, and punches can be used in each class to finish off the enemy instantly.


The game is built in seven different languages; English, French, Russian, Polish, German, Italian and Spanish.