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About this game

Sea of solitude is a new adventure video game that is developed by Jo-Mei Games in Berlin Germany and published by Electronic Arts. The game’s director is Cornelia Geppert and it is expected to be released in early 2019. The announcement was made followed by EA showing the fans a haunting trailer which was a beautiful game. It is the second EA originals title. It was first announced in February 2015 by the developers. The director, whose creativity is so high, admitted that this was a very personal and artistic project and it made her analyse her own personal emotions and fears.

Why is Sea of Solitude a good game?

Sea of Solitude is an upcoming game that is set to meet the expectations of millions of players worldwide. It is a game of loneliness and exploring so many adventures. It has intense imagery and an emotional view. It also has haunting monsters and a flooded world that is properly stylised. Kay is the central character. Unlike most games, this one is made of both rawness and beauty.
How it is played

The main theme as earlier mentioned is loneliness and the different ways it can affect people. Hence the main goal for the player is to discover how loneliness transforms the main character of the game. The player controls a character who happens to be a young woman by the name Kay. Kay has turned into a monster and the player has to control her as she travels around an abandoned and submerged city together with its inhabiting creatures that are monstrous. This is to enable the player understand Kay’s character and the reason for the change. The city is based in Berlin. The mode is that of a personal player not multiple.

Our verdict is that this game will be interesting to play and above all it will engage the player’s mind and emotional sides. It is to be admitted that the creativity is quite impressive and not forgetting the most beautiful imagery portrayed by this game. Players are eagerly waiting for EA to release the Sea of Solitude and begin their adventures.