About this game

The Foundation is the first expansion to the 2019 first-shooter, Control. Remedy Entertainment developed the game while 505 Games published it for Microsoft Windows. The Foundation: Expansion 1 launched in March 2020.

This first expansion campaign picks off where its predecessor left off. Jesse Faden is the Federal Bureau of Control’s director. Although she managed to disconnect the Oldest House and the Hiss realm, something is not right. The Astral plane is now seeping into the normal plane. The only person with answers, Head of Operations, Helen Marshall, is missing. You get to complete one mission after another as you attempt to protect the Old House. Combat enemies on your way until you unlock the final fight by collecting a MacGuffin. Along the way, Jesse uncovers details about Helen’s disappearance. The Foundation: Expansion 1 includes new mods and weapons that cater to different combat needs. If action shooter games with a supernatural storyline are your thing, The Foundation is one perfect choice.

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