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Detroit: Become Human is an adventurous and puzzle game created by Quantic Dream SA whose founder is David cage. The game has three main characters namely: Kara-the deviant, Connor- android police investigator and Markus- android caretaker.

Each player is presented with choices which have consequences which will not only determine the character’s fate but also that of the entire city.


Detroit: Become Human is a game set in Detroit city in the year 2036, where the city is fully equipped with newly invented androids in daily activities. However, the androids deviate and become independent to experience their new life out of their thralldoms.


Markus advocates for the rights of other deviant androids after finding himself in Jericho after being shot by police, when he bypassed his programming in his quest to confront the perpetrator after alerting the police of a suspected burglary which resulted to be a self-rule deviant.

Connor is therefore sent by the Cyberlife Corporation to assist Hank Anderson (lieutenant) to tackle the situation of deviant androids. If Connor defect, he introduces the imperfection to Cyberlife tower and converts all androids into deviants and if not, he then continues with the quest for Markus and tries to shoot him if he won’t be stopped by Hank or SWAT.

Kara and Alice, the daughter to Todd Williams finally found themselves wandering in Detroit hoping to find their way to Canada after being attacked by Toddy Williams thus rendering Kara as deviant. They then found Luther (an android) who joined them Canada. They seek help from an android supporter who directs them to Jericho to get travelling documents, if they are lucky enough to survive, they can travel to Canada by bus or boat or else die trying.


Detroit: Become Human had an estimated budget of 30 million euros as the game was based on the previous PlayStation 3 technology by Quantic dream 2012.The game was then released from manufacturing on 23 April 2018 after 4 years in the making.