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The outer world is one of the games that people are eager to get their hands on in 2019. Obsidian Entertainment is the developer, and private division is the publisher of this much-awaited game. You can already enjoy the game’s shiny trailer, but the confirmed release date is on October 25, 2019. This video game is a single-player role-playing game set on a solar system that is colonized by corporations led by a group of rulers known as the Board. The game is designed on the Obsidian tradition of giving players the freedom to be the character they want.

The Game Story

As the character in the game, you were on a colonist ship that gets lost while transporting humans to a newly formed colony in another planet at the furthest edge of the galaxy. A scientist awakens you seventy years later with the expectations that you will help him save the other frozen travelers in the ship. All the factions in the game are vying for power, and the decision you choose determines your character in the game. The ability to make personal decisions gives the game a wide range of possible endings depending on the choices that the players will choose.

The Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, The Outer Worlds gives you the freedom to customize your character in whichever way you want. You can choose from a selection of skills such as charm, intelligence, strength, perception, dexterity and temperament and every ability you select will determine your character. Another exciting feature about the game play is the fact that you can have perks to enhance some character aspects, and there are also flaws that will give you a negative trait throughout the game. A good example is when you have a combat encounter with an enemy to a point where you take substantial damage,.The game will present a phobia of that enemy as a flaw, and if you choose to take it, you will have an additional perk to make up for it.

How does Combat Work?

The combat in The Outer Worlds is in the first person, and the weapons include laser rifles, pistols and other sci-fi weapons. You can modify your arms, upgrade them and also choose between a wide range of ammo types. Another combat feature in the game is a machine that enables players to slow time and also see more about the enemy, such as their remaining health. The mechanic will also help in targeting specific body parts. Every damage of a body part have different effects on the enemy; for example, a head-shot can trigger blindness while a leg shot will slow their movement.