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About The Settlers

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The Settler is a real-time tactical game involving characters from the previous editions of The Settler. The series was first conceptualised in 1998 and has since released a total of 13 games. Preceding games have improved on specifications, graphics, animation, and strategy application. The latest edition earmarked for release late 2020 was halted, and new dates will be communicated in due time.

The game shows the quest of settlers who intend to find a new home after an earthquake ravages their homelands. It is both single and multi-player developed by Blue Byte and produced by Ubisoft. It runs in 5 languages and operates on Windows 7 and above. The RAM should be above 2GB on a 64-Bit CPU and occupies about 6GB of disc space. Both the graphics and sound card use DirectX, with the preference of a 256MB on the sound card specification.

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