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Xbox Gift Cards, also known as Xbox Gift Cards, allow you to purchase games, hardware, software, add-ons, apps, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and much more. At Microsoft movies and TV, you can even buy or rent HD movies and TV series.

– Xbox Gift Cards are identical in use and value to Microsoft Gift Cards and Windows Gift Cards and can be used in the online Microsoft Store, in Windows, and on Xbox Game Consoles.

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Activating your Xbox Gift Cards.

We recommend activating your Xbox Gift Cards via your PC or Tablet.

In a web browser, go to Microsoft’s Redeem Code page.
Sign in with your Microsoft account and click Sign in.
Now enter your 25-digit prepaid code and click Confirm.
The credit has now been credited to your Microsoft account.
Would you rather activate your Microsoft Gift Cards via your Game Console, or don’t you have a Microsoft account yet? Then go to our Manuals page.

* Xbox Gift Cards are valid indefinitely and are guaranteed to work on all Xbox accounts.

Available in Euro, Pound, Dollar, Cad in the following amounts:

Xbox Gift Card 5
Xbox Gift Card 10
Xbox Gift Card 15
Xbox Gift Card 20
Xbox Gift Card 25
Xbox Gift Card 30
Xbox Gift Card 50
Xbox Gift Card 75
Xbox Gift Card 100