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About Actraiser Renaissance

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Actraiser Renaissance is a single player game developed by square enix and Sonic powered and letter developed by Square Enix.

Experience the revival of the 90s hit where the heavens, earth and mankind come into contact for a revival of the massive war. Actaiser is a combination of 2D platform where the two action realms come into contacts to make a massive action act.

Featuring the buzzing soundtracks that send shockwaves all to the game, this game would utterly change the way you are going to see The gaming world and further United with your deepest adventures.

Throughout the realm acts, you will be United but the likes of fire ice and other magical experiences. Your main objective in this game is to protect Your settlement from enemy raids and help humanity flourish through giving guidance in their settlements. Experience the new tales of humanity’s struggles in overcoming their flaws by taking a chance to enjoy this game.