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Angels with scaly wings is an adventure video game developed and published by Radical Phi. This unique visual novel game is set in a world with dragons.


The gameplay involves you (gamer) getting into the land of dragons, via a strange gateway, as an earth ambassador. In this fascinating visual novel with slice-of-life and dating simulation features, explore a society full of hidden and interesting secrets and the people that keep them concealed.


  • Epic plot – The game has a mind-bending narrative that will bring you through a variety of thrilling twists and turns, with over almost 180,000 words of script.
  • Spend time with locals – On 5 primary and 5 subsidiary character pathways, you’ll come across various dragons. Learn about their aspirations, dreams and challenges by listening to their tales.
  • Decision making – While playing, you may have to make important decisions that will have a long-term influence on the game, and can lead to more than 13 distinct endings.

Other features include:

  • A town full of mysteries
  • A gallery that you can unlock