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Aragami 2 is an action-packed stealth adventure video game that brings to life supernatural adventures. As a player, you assume the role of an assassin who has supernatural powers to manipulate shadows. Your job is to help the clan to fight off invader armies using your powers and protect your people. Lince Works is the developer and producer of the game.

The Plot

You are one of the elite warriors in the society from the Aragami kinsmen. Invading enemies have caused havoc in your village, and you must fight off the enemies. Armed with supernatural powers to control shadows, you marshal up your kinsmen and mount a defensive attack against the invading armies. The action-packed game utilises your suaveness to mount a spirited fight against the enemies.

After the success of Aragami 1, Lince Works continued with the adventures of Aragami. In this next phase, the assassin has to repel off more powerful invaders. The ninja-like combat is essential as it helps the game manoeuvre easily and outwits the enemies. As a player, you have to join forces with other shadow clan warriors to protect your territory.

Aragami 2 Gaming Features

  • Gaming formation – you can play in single mode or co-op with your friends as part of the shadow army. The maximum number of co-opted friends is 3 at a time.
  • Tact – Aragami 2 is a third-person game, which needs the gamer’s input to run. Use your combat skills to outmanoeuvre the invading armies. The more the risk, the high the reward, and the better the gamer becomes.
  • Stealth – understand the gaming protocols and use them to protect yourself and plan attacks from the invaders.
  • Customisation – the game gives you the ability to create your shadow assassin. From the weaponry to body armour and your team, you can create a whole battalion. There are 42 abilities that develop the type of strength you need to fight off the invasion.
  • Task – the shadow clan warriors have one task; fight off the invasion and protect the Rashomon Valley at all cost. As Aragami, you must showcase your abilities and defend your village, creating a legendary status.