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About this game
Aragami is a stealth video game of the action-adventure genre. Lince Works is the developer and publisher of the game for PlayStation 4, OS X, Microsoft Windows as well as Works for Linux.

Aragami’s Gameplay

The player controls Aragami (a shadow spirit), trying to complete all the thirteen open-world chapters orderly. To finish a chapter, they must go to some areas to destroy obstacles or collect items and reach the exit of the level. Aragami can teleport and go to any section of the map, but in a particular range where a shadow is cast. However, doing so uses up the “Shadow Essence”, which is displayed as a metre on the cape of Aragami.

Shadow Essence

Shadow Essence is recharged when Aragami stands in the shadows. It is drained when he stands near intense light sources like lanterns.  Later in Aragamim, the player gets a raven that shows them the objectives’ location through walls, as well as a set of bells rung and lure enemies elsewhere.


There are many guards patrolling each chapter. The most common enemies are basic sword-wielding guards. They can throw light projectiles and kill the player. Also, there are archers patrolling elevated areas; they can see the player from far while aiming plus swordsmen who are circled with a torch that leaves the player dead on contact. The player dies if they fall into the water. The player can kill a guardian instantly when they attack him within a specific range. However, the boss is the only enemy that the player must kill to complete a chapter.

The Plot of Aragami

Yamiko’s astral projection summons Aragam into existence. The projection is a girl who is a prisoner of the Kaiho (the light adepts army). The girl describes the army as dictators who took the land from Nisshoku, commanded by the Shadow Empress. After winning the war, the army imprisoned the Empress plus her retainers in the main temple of Nisshoku: that included Yamiko.
She requests the help of Aragami in setting them free, for which she requires six talismans for unlocking the prison. That should be done the end of the night, for Aragami is going to dissolve when if touched by the sunlight.