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The Assassin’s Creed Mirage is an upcoming video game full of action and adventure. The game was developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux, and it is reminiscent of the older Assassin creed titles. The video game demonstrates the basic approach for the long-running Assassin creed series. Nonetheless, the video game is set in 9th century Baghdad and introduces Basim as its central character. This article will take you through what is unique about the game.

The stealth

The video game has a more significant focus on stealth, and its theme is structured around identifying, impairing, and eliminating your target, and then you disappear. Ubisoft redesigned its system to better embrace stealth and allowed more granularity. Nonetheless, in the video game, the design of the city and its housing allows stealth approaches. Also, it has better tools that aid you in combat and during escapes.

Improved Parkouring

Playing Assassin Creed Mirage makes you feel more agile and empowered when traversing the city. Thanks to Ubisoft for improving the game parkouring, thus helping Basim to clear enormous obstacles. As a result, the gamer can readily travel through rooftops, buildings, and the densely populated city of Baghdad.

The Assassination

The video game pulls a lot of focus on the assassination of the target. It introduces the player to new assassination tools that are upgradable, the ability to set out traps, and new assassination animation. All these assassination features allow Basim to execute multiple stealth kills instantly.

Wrap up

Assassin’s creed mirage is a game to consider if you are looking for an action-adventure video game. This video game is more focused and dynamic. Also, its developers bring key pillars like stealth, parkour, and assassination to a modern standard.