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About this game

Atelier Ryza Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout is the latest release in the series known as the new Atelier world. Its concept is based on the idea of true-to-life youths that grow together, even if just a little bit. This game is the story of a girl and her friends on their journey to adulthood and discovering what they consider essential. The game is developed and published by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

The outstanding features of the game

• A highly developed Synthesis System and Location Points

The synthesis system gives players the ability to merge materials to create items. The Atelier Ryza game comes with a revamped synthesis system that allows players to come up with creations that have never existed before. Besides, players can create location points through synthesis.

• Utilisation of different items to collect new materials

When collecting the crucial materials for synthesis, the items a player receives change based on the tools used to gather them. Thus, a player can obtain the items they want easily.

• Intense battles

This game makes use of both turn-based command battle and real-time elements to create intense battles. Besides, the choices a player makes determine the outcome. This feature will leave you with a huge sense of strong bonds with your friends like never before.

The game’s detailed storyline

The main character is Ryza, an ordinary village girl. She is assisted by five other characters that include Lent and Tao, her childhood friends, an unnamed girl, Empel, who is the alchemist, and Lila, who is Empel’s friend.

Ryza gets fed up with the unexciting village life and escapes to meet her friends in a secret place. They begin to share their dreams and organise thrilling adventures. At one point, Ryza and her friends decide to go to the forbidden island across the shore as their first exciting adventure. They manage to go there and experience a summer they will always remember. The advanced graphics depict adventure and a world of daily-life.