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Avatar frontier of Pandora is an upcoming action-adventure video game based on James Cameron’s Avatar film series. The video game is being established by famous Massive Entertainment.


The games starts with the gamer taking control of the Na’vi and set out on a journey crosswise the Western Frontier of Pandora and repulse the Resources Development Administration (RDA) scientists who possesses all resources on earth, a force that seek to threaten Pandora.

Pandora is a constructed universe in which human beings aspire to mine unobtanium, which can be used to source energy. Pandora is an earth-like moon occupied by humanoid beings called the Na’vi and other six legged creatures with other forms of flora and fauna. Pandora is also very rich in terms of biodiversity.

The Na’vi and the other beings on Pandora have a customized neural network in which they associate. This would be fundamental since the Na’vi and the other creatures would unite so as to fight their common enemy: the human invaders, who they would go on to defeat in the battle for Pandora. The battle for Pandora comes at a cost to the Na’vi since nearly all persevering Na’vi would be more or less overpowered.

To survive the harsh conditions of Pandora they have special organs called Wichows that help their bodies synthesize more oxygen. Pandora is divided into several continents that have tropical forests. It also has a weaker gravitational force as compared to Earth. The mineral unobtanium has a heavy influence on the general geology of Pandora.