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About this game

Are you this person that loves adventure and adrenaline in your gaming sessions then this is the game for you. Especially when it comes to those historical set games with battles, heroes, warriors, and wars. Azur lane cross wave is an online game published by an ideal factory international. The game was officially released in 2017 but it was then released with other unique features on 13th February 2020. The genre of this game is mainly action and adventure. The game takes place in a universe where battles are at its core. This is a side-scrolling shooter game.

What is good about this game?

One thing you will love about this game is how it takes in the technology of mobile gaming and uses this to create the ideal 3D engagement for its players. This helps the fans to connect more with the game characters. The story is about four-nation who each have their military that trains diligently. It comes a time where they have to pick out the best to represent their forces. This forces the military people to even train harder to be at its best.

Features of this game

This game is loved because of its unique features. These include the fact that the game is in 3D mode thus enabling players to fully interact with their characters.

The second great feature is the fact that it comes in various modes. Specifically four modes. They include;

1. Story
2. Extreme battle
3. Photo
4. Episode mode

The next best thing about this game is that it comes with a variety of weapons to make sure that your character is well-armed and ready for battle. Lastly, the game enables you to fully control the weapon with which your character is using. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

These features are what will make you get some points. In any game, any feature is important thus master what it does in a game. When you get this you will be able to win even at the most challenging level this is the only way to win in such games.