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About this game

Balan Wonderworld is a forthcoming platform video game being created jointly by Arzest and Balan Company. Square Enix is the publisher of this game. Balan Wonderworld is planned for launch on the 26th March 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. The video game has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

In the video game, Balan is depicted as the maestro who assumes the responsibility of guiding Emma Cole and Leo Craig into the Wonderworld. Any individual who encounters Balan never gets bored of his unanticipated and hilarious pranks. He is depicted as a charming comedian and the host of the Balan Theatre.

The Development of the Video Game

The game was introduced on 23rd July 2020. Balan Wonderworld is Yuji Naka’s first platform video game after joining Square Enix Company in 2018. The video game is being co-created with Arzest, a Japan-based company. The director of the video game is Naka, while the director of art is Naoto Ohshima. Kazuyuki Ikumori of Visual Works Studio is doing the animation of the video game.

The gameplay of the Video Game

Leo Craig and Emma Cole are the two main characters who find Wonderworld via a strange theatre. They are guided by the charismatic Balan across the universe to re-establish cheerfulness there. Taking the role of either Leo or Emma, gamers will traverse across different unique atmospheres and discover more than 80 different outfits. The outfits alter Leo and Emma’s looks, thereby granting them extra powers to conquer barriers in the levels.

Balan’s Appearance

Balan and Arzest companies have portrayed Balan as a tall, slim human-like character wearing a magician suit and a white hat with a red mask. The humanoid has large slanted, yellowish eyes and dark skin with a wider grin on his face.

Balan’s Abilities

So far, not much is known regarding Balan. However, in the opening clip, he appears to possess some magical powers. These magical capabilities include his ability to replicate himself and the ability to develop a rainbow flood. Besides, he can float in the air and develop unique effects when he is performing. Despite his slim look, Balan appears to be quick and strong on his feet. For instance, in the Balan Challenge, he appears strong, and he can dismantle a huge rock-like object by kicking it.

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