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Black Mesa is a video game designed and published by the Crowbar Collective studios. The first shooter game has a technical association with Half-Life as a bridge for continuity. The video game shows significant improvement to preceding Half-Life series. It is much clearer, graphics well set and quality is top-notch. First produced in September 2013, the game has undergone upgrades to capture modern trends in video gaming, the recent being March 2020.

The Flow

The gamer is in control of Gordon Freeman, a scientist working in the Black Mesa Research Centre. Gordon is undertaking a dangerous experiment that eventually goes wrong, producing a rift between the human and aliens. He has to save his colleagues in the facility and anyone around. As he runs for help, he realises that the army has adopted a scorched earth policy on anything and anyone within the vicinity. Gordon has to sort out his mess in the Black Mesa Research Centre to keep the aliens at bay, as well as survive the military onslaught.

For all this to happen, the scientist has to escape the aliens and military by manoeuvring the facility and the harsh desert terrain. In the process, he has to keep all the scientist in the facility alive. There are assorted weapons at his disposal both physical and biological.

The plot has undergone modification since its inception. A phase on the Surface Tension Uncut was expanded to accommodate additional ground. The grounds were also aligned to the storyline to keep the flow intact. All these modifications were engineered by the Steam Workshop to make the game flow seamlessly. The graphics for the game are iconic while the soundtrack gets the player into the game.

Game Specifications

The game can run on Microsoft Windows 7 or an Ubuntu 14.0 and above. The RAM should be at least 6GB with 2GB of space for both operating systems dedicated to the video graphics. Ubunto should must have least 2.6 Dual-Core Processor for the game to run. The game occupies 20GB of internal memory and needs a steady broadband internet for connectivity.