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Boomerang Fu is an action-packed fighting game developed and published by Cranky Watermelon. The game involves you controlling an appealing yet destructive food character of your choice, where you slice and dice your friends with a boomerang.

Team Up With Friends and Family

The game is a local multiplayer and accommodates up to 6 local players who square it out in chaos-filled and exciting short rounds. The high number of players makes the game a good choice for families who want to play together.

The Gameplay

In the game, you get to choose a character of your choice from the wide variety of adorable food characters ranging from the avocado to the milk carton. Create chaos and leave a delightful mess by slicing, dicing, and tearing each other apart using the boomerangs in the fast-paced food fights.

The game has two main game the first game mode, players can form one team and square it out with the opponents controlled by computers. On the other hand, the second mode allows each player to be on their own, and each player will fight for the golden boomerang special.

Simple and Easy Controls

You can learn the simple controls very fast even if you are a beginner and in no time, you will be obliterating and wiping out your mates using deadly bladed boomerangs. After mastering the basics, become a pro by learning how to curve throws and deflecting attacks as you continue to discover the more advanced fighting techniques in this ancient martial art.


Upgrade your boomerang with various power-ups like frost, explosives, and fires and destroy your opponents within no time. Take your skills a step further by using teleportation, telekinesis, and even multi boomerangs. Learn how to stack up the power-ups and perform ridiculous combos to obliterate your competition.

Enjoy More Than 30 Arenas

Play through the various deadly environments containing secretly hidden traps and several resources you can use to your advantage when battling the enemies.

Customize the Competitions to Your Liking

The game also allows you to make custom matches according to the conditions that you want.

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