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Brutal Orchestra is a game developed by Maceo Bob Mair and Nicolas Delgado, and published by Hellbent Games. The game functions on a rotational basis. Since it has an element of a charlatan, the application of proper strategy is essential. Therefore, Brutal Orchestra is a thrilling and action-packed game with a lot of adventure in store for players.

As a player, you are dead. You were murdered and are now in purgatory and there is no way out. You are on a quest for revenge, seeking to get back at your killer. You must therefore get into an agreement with Bosch, a mysterious creature who is a demon in purgatory. Bosch gets you acquainted with several techniques of the game.

While on the revenge quest, you will not only make allies but also enemies. To survive, you need special abilities. However, there is a price to pay. Part of the cost entails bleeding and throwing up. Even though everything about the game seems extremely scary, interacting with other non-player characters and Bosch is some kind of fun that a player should look forward to.