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This is a single player racing simulation game developed by Red Dot Games and published by PlayWay S.A. The game allows players to simulate being mechanics, carrying out diagnosis, repairs, bodywork, maintenance and spray painting of cars. The simulation and detail of the cars and parts are extremely well detailed and lifelike. In this game you can seek out bargain cars to repair and refurbish in the car barn, junkyard or auctions, and you can build your own car. There are more than 40 varieties of cars, including classic cars, and you also have a choice of what tools and parts to use. You can also take before and after photos of the cars that you buy and work on. When the cars are renovated and repaired, they can be sold on and make a good profit, which is a rewarding process.


In the game, you can build up your workshop and car mechanic business from a small individual enterprise to a large, well-equipped business with specialist equipment. Cars can be road tested on the new speedway and at other locations as they are worked on. Each car job such as repair or servicing is presented as a challenge, and each challenge has a varying degree of difficulty and a time limit. So you can build up your speed and skill. Some jobs are randomly generated, while others you can choose.

Critics’ Views

Critics say that the game is more comprehensive and realistic than its predecessors and has a bright future, but that the soundtrack and optimization aren’t perfect and that you learn very little about real car mechanics from it. On balance, detailed tutorials about car parts and mechanics are available within the game. The game is also reported to have had extensive problems with bugs, some of which have been resolved.


This game is ideal for those with a keen interest in cars and mechanics, and transforming the cars from a wrecked rusty state to gleaming refurbished and ready to sell motors is rewarding and fun. Great graphics and simulation. Suitable for all abilities.