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Celeste is a single player platforming video game developed by Noel Berry and Matt Thorson, Canadian video game programmers. This video game is one of the newest in PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Linux and macOS being released in Jan 2018.

You might be wondering how this wonderful video game is played, well, it is quite simple and exciting: all you have to do is control Madeline as she climbs a mountain ensuring that she does not fall on several deadly obstacles. These obstacles such as spikes make this game challenging yet enjoyable; you have to do all it takes to keep Madeline alive!

What will keep you more interested while playing this game?

There are a couple of things that make this game captivating. For instance, not all games offer the players the chance of performing mid-air dashes in preferred direction during the gaming encounter. Celeste allows players to encounter extra gimmicks aimed at launching the player or even feathers which enable short flight.
In case Madeline dies, she will be returned at the section’s beginning meaning that you do not have to restart from the beginning of the game. To make the game less monotonous, each level has optional strawberries that are attained through tough puzzle solving sections.

Development and release

Celeste’s prototype was created during a game jam in just four days by its creators, Matt Thomson and Noel Berry – as earlier mentioned. At first, the game had thirty levels which according to Kill Screen were more of Thorson’s older games. Later on, the game was developed into impartial release containing around ninety levels.
To transform the game from Pico-8 prototype, the two Canadian developers borrowed Super Nintendo platformers’ ideas. It is worth noting that the original prototype is present in the game occurring as a minigame which is unlockable.

There are many reasons to prompt you to play this fantastic video game. Celeste is a surprising, wonderful game that is more than climbing mountains; it is challenging which makes the adventure more exciting and is useful in killing boredom. It is, therefore, a great idea trying out this superb game.