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Crysis remaster trilogy remakes the first three Crysis games developed by Crytek in collaboration with Saber interactive. It is an action-packed first-person shooter series that puts you in an open world to combat hostile military soldiers, mercenaries who are heavily armed and even an alien race known as the Ceph, who are more technologically advanced. With enhanced graphics and enhanced mechanics and physics, this series of games is something you should be looking forward to playing.


In the game, you get to play as a soldier in a group of military protagonists armed to the teeth with weapons like handguns, machine guns, assault and sniper rifles and even projectiles. You have special technologically enhanced combat armour known as nanosuits that increases your strength and other combat abilities like speed and stealth. You get to face off against various enemies throughout the series, and as you progress, you get to enhance and modify the nanosuits to be more durable and increase your abilities.

Exciting features of Crysis remastered trilogy

Combat in the open world

The open world gives you and your team many options for handling the hostiles. You will also enjoy developing strategies to guide you through the jungles and even in the middle of the city as you bring chaos and destruction while combating the mercenaries, rogues and the Ceph.

Enjoy the 4 modes of the nanosuit

Depending on the situation and the abilities you want, you can select between the four modes of the enhanced combat-ready bodysuit, which are;

  • Amor mode: When you select amour mode, the energy supply is diverted to absorb the damage caused by projectiles and other forces likely to cause damage. This will help you withstand lethal impacts. The mode also enables quick tissue regeneration, thus quick healing.
  • Strength mode: This increases your characters strengths to superhuman levels. With this, you can deliver melee attacks that cause more damage to the enemies.
  • Speed mode: This mode enhances the characters movement speed to superhuman levels. This means you will reload faster and aim faster.
  • Cloak mode: This mode allows one to completely transform the nanosuit through crystalline generation, thus rendering yourself completely invincible. The invisibility will help you deliver melee attacks without getting noticed.

If you love first-person shooter games, you will enjoy the thrill of this first-person shooter from its start as a simple normal rescue mission that transforms into a war to save the human race from a superior technologically enhanced alien race.