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Developed by StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc. Cuphead is a unique run and gun action game that returns to the roots of animation with it’s frame by frame technique. The game features a high difficulty with its heavy focus on boss fights, and the need to restart at the beginning of the fight once dead. The game also features intermittent stages between the boss fights where you roam a platformer-style environment, with a number of standard mobs that chase you giving you a balance of gameplay.

Cooperative play

Also available in co-op play, it’s easy to get the game up and running on any platform and quickly play with a friend locally. The handy revival mechanic is useful and can be just the helping hand you need if you’re struggling with a section – a friend helping out means you can quickly revive each other a certain amount of times before it’s game over.

Varied weaponry

A variety of weapons can be found in Cuphead, all varying in both their effective range and the damage they do per shot. The ‘ultimate’ charge you obtain after some time of shooting can also change, giving you a burst of damage onto a boss or set of mobs.

Tons of secrets

With a game with as much love in it as cuphead, there’s a variety of secrets and shortcuts to find for yourself, some which may seem far too simple to be in the game initially. StudioMDHR have included a selection all giving an arguable ‘Undertale’ feeling to the game.