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Darkwood is an atmospheric adventure game with a horror theme that was developed and published by Acid Wizard Studio. The game challenges players to explore a rich and dynamic world, scavenging for resources during the day, then hole up in your hideout overnight and hope to survive until the day breaks again.

An Un-nerving Experience

This free-roam world is incredibly atmospheric. The game is a top-down survival RPG, and it does a good job of offering an immersive experience from that perspective. The game is challenging and dynamic, and it is sure to challenge even the most avid of survival game players.

Build, Experiment, Survive

Build a shelter, set up barricades, lay traps and hide out while you wait for the sun to rise. Can you survive and avoid the horrors that are lurking in the dark? The story that you experience will change over time based on the decisions that you make and how you treat the people that you meet. Can you survive? How will you end up? There are mutated flora and fauna in the landscape, and you can extract essence from them to make strange concoctions that will give you new skills and perks – but those essences could have unexpected side effects. Are you willing to take the risk? Darkwood is a single player title that offers an immersive experience, with a flexible crafting system and a strong reward curve. Can you survive the darkness, and live to see another day out there in the woods?