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Dawn of man is an exciting game from the creators of Planetbase. The game has been designed to let you take control of the first modern humans’ settlement, and you get to guide them through ages as they struggle to survive. It is a survival game and begins in the Stone Age. It takes you through the Iron Age which spans the human prehistory of more than ten thousand years.

The main aim of the game is to help your people survive, evolve and expand, similar to their ancestors. You are faced with tough challenges thrown to you by the environment.

Dawn of Man Hunt

Ancient humans depended on animals as their vital source of food, and the game features a great hunt. You animal meat for food, their skins to make clothing, and bones to craft tools to help you stay alive from all the dangers. You and your people face woolly Rhinos, Mammoths, Megaloceros, ancient Bison, cave lions, among others.

Dawn of Man Gather

The environment provides various resources which you are supposed to collect. They include; wood, fruits, ores, water, berries, flint, stone. These resources are to be used to make food, build tools, and structures where you and your people will settle.

Planning for Harsh Times

The game provides you with the opportunity of planning for harsh times. Harsh times such as winter need to be well planned. During springtime, fish is more abundant, during summer berries and fruits can be well collected, and also animals are an easier find. Therefore, you need to make sure you are well set before the harsh times.

The Research Technologies

Every discovery provides an opportunity for you and your people to grow and increase. However, they also come with their challenges like the demand for more food, raider attacks, and even morale issues.

Creation of Megalithic Structures

There were more amazing things which our ancestors were capable of doing such as mining massive rocks and transporting them through sleds and also constructing colossal structures.

The Control of Nature

Dawn of man gives you the opportunity of unlocking farming technologies to help in growing vegetables, to feed a large population of people. You can also domesticate various animals to produce more food and increase more resources.