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Deathgarden Blood Harvest is a survival game where there is hunter that goes for the scavengers to kill them. These scavengers are desperate hostages who are trying to escape a tormentor. They must explore the Death Garden with the aim of collecting blood. Each must get enough blood if he hopes to open the exit and get out of the area alive. This game requires lots of strategy just to survive. It was developed and published by Behaviour Digital Inc. and released on 30th May 2019. This is a PC-based video game.

The Storyline of the Game

This game is a set in a dark dystopian future where the world is divided between the haves and have-nots. The haves and the worthy are granted entrance to a safe enclave while the rest of the population is damned to living in the slums. In these slums, there is almost a certain death for all the people living there. The only way to escape the pain and suffering is to face the mad hunter, get blood and get into the safe haven.

Each scavenger and hunter possesses some unique powers. You have the option to upgrade these characters for resources and customise the loadouts. Also, you upgrade the characters by completing the challenges with the items that you collect.

Mode of Playing

You have the option of hunting for kills either in the first or the third person and can play the game alone or with other players. You have a few seconds to think of the next move before the hunter comes to kill you. This hunter has several traps and good weapons to kill the scavengers. As a scavenger, you must collect enough blood just in time while ensuring that the hunter does not get hold of you.

Presence of Several Thematic Gardens

A thematic map is generated as you play the game. You will be required to adapt your play according to the map. Weather conditions change; sometimes visibility is low, and there could be structures, elevated grounds and lots of vegetation, depending on the theme. These changes help vary the experience in the game.