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Devil May Cry 5, a forthcoming action-adventure hack and slay game, was developed as well as published by Capcom. It’s the sixth instalment in the series of the Devil May Cry and first video game since the 2013 reboot video game called DmC: Devil May Cry. It’s a sequel to the 2008 Devil May Cry 4.


Itsuno, the director of Devil May Cry 5, reveals that the story of the game takes place a few years after the 4th title, and Nero has established his demon hunting agency that is based out of a vehicle decorated with a neon sign of “Devil May Cry” that Dante gave him.

Nero has a “Devil Breaker”, a new robotic hand, which the new agency’s engineer called Nico created as a replacement for the Devil Bringer arm that Nero had after a mysterious figure severed it off.


Devil May Cry 5’s gameplay is going to feature the return of Nero and Dante as playable characters plus a third character, who is currently unknown. The gameplay is the same as the previous titles in the series of the Devil May Cry, which focuses on a fast-paced “stylish action”.

In the game, the player has to fight hoards of demons with various weapons and attacks, and they receive a style-rating in combat that is based on several factors, like dodging attacks and the combo’s length.


Nero is equipped with a Blue Rose double-barreled revolver, Red Queen sword plus a new robotic arm that has various functions like stopping time to freeze a foe in place or grabbing foes from a distance.


In Devil May Cry 5, the music changes based on the performance of the player in combat.

Development and Release Date

The game operates on the RE Engine, which was originally developed for the survival horror game Resident Evil 7. Capcom confirmed the release date of the game is scheduled before April 2019.

A single soundtrack for the game was officially released on 11 June 2018, which is called Devil Trigger (Nero’s Battle theme song). Casey Edwards (video games’ composer) is the manufacturer of the single, featured by Ali Edwards.