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Die Young, a first-person and an open world survival exploration video game, is under development by the internal team of Indiegala. The game is accessed via the steam key. The key redemption requires players to have a free Steam account.


In Die Young, the gameplay heavily focuses on exploration parkour plus survival. The game has a main quest objective, as well as several side missions that are available as the player is exploring the map. The player can freely explore the various landmarks at their own pace.

The player takes the role of a woman who is stranded on a beautiful 12 sq km island located in the Mediterranean. She’s buried alive and left to die. Dehydrated and starving, her struggle to survive is about to start.


Weakened by ordeal, the player must nourish their body to stay hydrated and gain strength. While it brings beauty and life to the island, the hot summer sun isn’t a friend. The player must scavenge for water and food and gather herbs that have medicinal properties to stay alive.

Equip and Fight

The player has been stripped of everything that has value including the shoes on their feet, and they must run to escape. They have no chance to escape relying on their wits alone.

The player finds more information regarding the events that took place on the island in items or clues to help in escaping. As the player explores, they can unlock the fast travel locations that enable them to travel faster from one point to another.


The player explores the island and finds out more regarding its caves, dark mines, ancient ruins and dwellers. They uncover the dreadful truth behind the island’s quiet, bucolic life.


The ultimate player’s goal is finding a way of escaping the island, where the natural landscape’s astonishing beauty hides deadly enemies and threats. It is hopeless for the player to fight their way out: they should run, jump, climb, leaving those who want them dead behind.

Die Young is nerve-racking and full of suspense from the moment the game starts. The game is an immersive thriller that takes the player on an unforgettable run freedom and survival.