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About this game

Disgaea 4 Complete Plus is a sort of series game which presents perplexingly strong demonic creatures and fish caring vampires in conflicts. It was developed by Nippon inch and published NIS America.

This battlefield game twigs the Valvatorez story of a sardine-obsessed vampire. The vampire finds himself working as Prinny instructor at trashy netherworld job after renouncing he drinks blood. In the game, dead human souls are kept in an agony state with foolish discharging penguins who finish each decree with ‘dood’, which is offbeat humour.

So, now the player will be fighting against rebellious allies who want to overthrow him but the battle becomes more silly and clumsy as hours move by. You will spend much of your time while turning your team in the battlefields in an isometric angle which makes the game more conventional.

For you to win, there must be cooperation in your teammates and expose your enemy to multiple counter attacks.