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About this game

Disgaea 5 Complete, a tactical RPG (role-playing game), was developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS. It’s a Nintendo Switch re-release of the 2015 Disgaea, which was released for PlayStation 4.


The game offers hours of over-the-top and award-winning gameplay. Disgaea 5 Complete includes a total of four fan-favourite characters, all eight bonus scenarios as well as three character classes, which were originally downloadable content in the release of the PlayStation4 of the 2015 Disgaea5: Alliance of Vengeance.


In a world that is controlled by Overlords, it’s only one who will prevail. The game tells a story of revenge plus rebellion. As Void Dark, a new, dreadful Overlord, wants to enslave the numerous Netherworlds, a young demon, Killia, stands to bring his reign to an end.

The player leads Killia together with his tenacious rebel army on their dark, deadly path to vengeance. Disgaea 5 Complete is filled with lots of action plus entertaining writing: its damage numbers are certainly heading for the record books.


The DLC is implemented the same way as the original. That is, with a Special Contents non-player character that allows players to select and decide which content they will use. Some of the contents are additional characters, such as Metallia and Nippon Ichi Software game’s mascot character, Pleinair.

There are three new classes: Celestial Hostess, Kunoichi as well as Sorceror. Also, there is a free gift for each complete player, giving them a big infusion of HL, which is the in-game cash.

The majority of the extra content is found in the new scenarios, all based on the main previous Disgaea cast. The additions offer some playable characters, and more importantly, enable the player to bring the classic Disgaea heroes into action.

Fun and Extensive Customisation

Players are capable of recruiting new units from more than 40 jobs plus races, and then dive in to strengthen them as they see appropriate in their Chara Worlds. Also, they can find many items or go to the Alchemist and make their own.

Players can then power the items up and discover hidden capabilities in the Item World. Additionally, if the player is feeling wild, they can change the game’s rules at the recurring feature, Dark Assembly: typically, the possibilities are limitless.